Drinking Fountains are Ideal for schools, construction sites, and office buildings, the Aqua Cooler M series drinking fountains are the perfect choice for keeping people hydrated. Designed for a large audience, these mains-connected drinking fountains are available in three sizes to suit small, medium-sized, and large installations. Read on to learn about how the Aqua Cooler M series drinking fountains can help your students, your employees, or your building's occupants to stay hydrated. You've no doubt seen the M series in action at one of the country's high schools or maybe building site. As one of Aqua Cooler's most popular models, over 3000 M series are manufactured every year. Thanks to its great design and excellent performance, the M series is Australia's most popular freestanding chilled water cooler. The M series water cooler comes in three different sizes to suit a variety of settings - a low-intensity unit able to provide up to 10 litres per hour, a medium-intensity unit capable of up to 19 litres per hour, and a heavy-duty unit designed to provide up to 26 litres of drinking water per hour. Most offices will want to invest in a high-capacity water cooler to ensure that all staff can access fresh drinking water. This makes the medium-duty and heavy-duty M series water coolers ideal for use where a lot of foot traffic is the norm. Since the M series is available with both a glass-filler and bubbler, it's an excellent choice for environments where people are likely to be carrying water bottles. The dual outlets make it easy to fill up a glass or bottle, or stop for a refreshing drink while near the water fountain. Remarkably safe and clean, the M series is connected to a mains water supply and uses built-in pressure regulation to overcome changes in mains pressure. Users can enjoy a stream of clean, fresh, high-pressure drinking water that flows out from the fountain at 1.7 litres every minute. Thanks to its immense popularity and excellent build quality, these water coolers are seen in schools and buildings in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Water Coolers are perfect for offices the Aquacooler RP series plumbed in water coolers make it easy to keep your staff hydrated. With a stylish modern design that suits any workplace and a connection to your mains water supply, these water coolers are ideal for low-maintenance hydration for your office.

Read on to learn more about how the Aquacooler RP series can help your office stay hydrated and healthy during the workday.

Purpose-Built for Offices

The Aquacooler RP series has been built from the ground up for office buildings and public spaces that require access to both hot and cold water. The cooler has two taps - one that releases chilled water from the cooler's cold water reservoir, and another that releases hot water from the stainless steel hot water tank.

Whether you need a cool drink for a hot day in the office or a dash of hot water for a coffee, the Aquacooler RP series can deliver. All RP series dispensers use stainless steel chilled water tanks that hold 1.8 litres of chilled water. The dispensers can chill over five litres per hour during peak use, making it suitable for high-traffic settings.

The Aquacooler RP series also has a large hot water tank that uses a 575-watt band heater to deliver up to 50 cups of hot water per hour. Hot water served from the RP series is approximately 90 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for use in hot coffees, tea, and other warm beverages.

Thanks to its large capacity dual water tanks and its incredible ability to heat or chill water at a rapid speed, the Aquacooler RP series Watercooler is the perfect choice for offices that need both hot and cold water on tap and a water cooler that is able to tolerate heavy usage during peak hours.

The Ideal Water Coolers for Low-Maintenance Refreshment

Thanks to its mains connected design, this Water Cooler is the ideal choice for businesses and office buildings that need a low-maintenance water cooler. The RP series requires no additional water bottle, making it a less intensive choice than many other water coolers that require an external water bottle.

Instead, water is supplied via a filtered mains water connection. This means that the RP series connects directly to your building's water supply to provide tasty, healthy, filtered water from your mains water supply. The end result is a low-maintenance water cooler that's ready to serve hot or cold drinking water whenever you need it.

Water Filters are immensely popular with schools and offices, the M series is a top-selling drinking water fountain for offices and public buildings. Thanks to its high quality construction and excellent ability to deal with heavy use, the M series can be found in many of Australia’s largest office buildings and public areas.

Why should you choose an M series drinking fountain for your office? Consider these five excellent benefits for offices, hospitals, and other public buildings:

  1. Stainless Steel Construction

The M series is available with a stainless steel top and an optional stainless steel case for optimum durability and aesthetics. This polished metal finish makes it a great looking drinking fountain, particularly in modern offices where aesthetics are just as important as functionality.

  1. Easy to Maintain and Service

Unlike other drinking fountains, which need to be completely deconstructed for simple maintenance, the M series uses a simple front panel that’s easy to remove. As one of the easiest commercial drinking fountains to service, you’ll have no issues with lengthy maintenance sessions distracting people in your office.

  1. Easy to Fill Glasses and Bottles

Keep your workforce hydrated with the M series’ simple glass-filler outlet. Built for office settings and public buildings where people are carrying glasses and drinking bottles, the M series’ constant water pressure and simple glass-filler outlet make it an excellent choice for offices and large public buildings.

  1. Proudly Designed and Built in Australia

Support Australian manufacturing with an M series drinking fountain. The M series is proudly built in Australia using high quality components and expert staff, making it a durable, long-lasting, and remarkably high quality piece of office machinery.

  1. Backed Up by a 12-Month Warranty

Enjoy a drinking fountain that’s made to last, designed for optimum performance, and backed up by a 12-month comprehensive warranty. The M series comes with twelve months of comprehensive warranty coverage, as well as a five-year warranty on its compressor.