Don’t buy a Drinking Fountain without knowing its chilling capacity. For applications such as Schools, Gyms, Bowling Clubs, etc. we would recommend a minimum chilling capacity of 30lt per hour. For installations where the usage is minimal, a smaller capacity can be considered. If you need any assistance or advice on the size of unit you require, please call or email us. We deliver Drinking Fountains Australia Wide including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and of course Adelaide. It is recommended that a filter is installed, you’ll only need to change the filter annually, and filters are around $99.00. You will not require a plumber to change the filter as it’s a simple process, and anyone can do it. A bottle filler is pretty much a standard option and as they can swivel around 360 degrease meaning any size bottle can be filled.

For new installations a licenced plumber will be needed, they are relatively easy to install but they do require a drain and of course a standard power point.

All of our prices include GST. Call us if you need advice or a formal quotation on 1300 55 32 82.

Plumbed in Water Coolers are perfect for offices, schools, factories. The Water Works D5 Series water dispensers make it easy to keep your people hydrated.

With a stylish modern design that suits any workplace and a connection to your mains water supply, these water coolers are ideal and low-maintenance.

The Water Works D5 series has been built in Korea from the ground up and has a comprehensive three-year warranty.

The dispenser has two taps – one that releases chilled water from the cooler’s cold water reservoir and another optional tap that releases hot water from the stainless steel hot water tank.

We offer free shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.


The entire range of Waterworks D5 Series water coolers are covered by Waterworks® 36 month Comprehensive Warranty (copy available on request). The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labour coverage, for the period of 36 months from the date of original sale.

Never worry about replacing water bottles.

As the best plumbed-in water cooler on the market, it never needs to be connected to an external water bottle. This means that you can enjoy a refreshing glass of warm or cool water without having to replace any bottles.

Thanks to its built-in water filter (an optional extra), the dispenser allows your whole building to access healthy, refreshing water from your mains supply. Save time that would otherwise be spent replacing water bottles, as well as saving money.

Water Filters are immensely popular with schools and offices, the M series is a top-selling drinking water fountain for offices and public buildings. Thanks to its high quality construction and excellent ability to deal with heavy use, the M series can be found in many of Australia’s largest office buildings and public areas.

Why should you choose an M series drinking fountain for your office? Consider these five excellent benefits for offices, hospitals, and other public buildings:

  1. Stainless Steel Construction

The M series is available with a stainless steel top and an optional stainless steel case for optimum durability and aesthetics. This polished metal finish makes it a great looking drinking fountain, particularly in modern offices where aesthetics are just as important as functionality.

  1. Easy to Maintain and Service

Unlike other drinking fountains, which need to be completely deconstructed for simple maintenance, the M series uses a simple front panel that’s easy to remove. As one of the easiest commercial drinking fountains to service, you’ll have no issues with lengthy maintenance sessions distracting people in your office.

  1. Easy to Fill Glasses and Bottles

Keep your workforce hydrated with the M series’ simple glass-filler outlet. Built for office settings and public buildings where people are carrying glasses and drinking bottles, the M series’ constant water pressure and simple glass-filler outlet make it an excellent choice for offices and large public buildings.

  1. Proudly Designed and Built in Australia

Support Australian manufacturing with an M series drinking fountain. The M series is proudly built in Australia using high quality components and expert staff, making it a durable, long-lasting, and remarkably high quality piece of office machinery.

  1. Backed Up by a 12-Month Warranty

Enjoy a drinking fountain that’s made to last, designed for optimum performance, and backed up by a 12-month comprehensive warranty. The M series comes with twelve months of comprehensive warranty coverage, as well as a five-year warranty on its compressor.