Water Coolers

Perfect for offices, schools, and public buildings, the Aquacooler RP series plumbed in water coolers make it easy to keep your building hydrated. With a stylish modern design that suits any workplace and a connection to your mains water supply, these water coolers are ideal for low-maintenance hydration for your school or office.

Read on to learn more about how the Aquacooler RP series can help your school or office stay hydrated and healthy during the workday.

Purpose-Built for Offices and Public Buildings

The Aquacooler RP series has been built from the ground up for office buildings and public spaces that require access to both hot and cold water. The cooler has two taps – one that releases chilled water from the cooler’s cold water reservoir, and another that releases hot water from the stainless steel hot water tank.

Whether you need a cool drink for a hot day in the office or a dash of hot water for a coffee, the Aquacooler RP series delivers. All RP series dispensers use stainless steel chilled water tanks that hold 1.8 litres of chilled water. The dispensers can chill over five litres per hour during peak use, making it suitable for high-traffic settings.

The Aquacooler RP series also has a large hot water tank that uses a 575-watt band heater to deliver up to 50 cups of hot water per hour. Hot water served from the RP series is approximately 90 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for use in hot coffees, tea, and other warm beverages.

Thanks to its large capacity dual water tanks and its incredible ability to heat or chill water at a rapid speed, the Aquacooler RP series is the perfect choice for offices and public buildings that need both hot and cold water on tap and a water cooler that is able to tolerate heavy usage during peak hours.

The Ideal Water Cooler for Low-Maintenance Refreshment

Thanks to its mains connected design, the Aquacooler RP series is the ideal choice for businesses and public buildings that need a low-maintenance water cooler. The RP series requires no additional water bottle, making it a less intensive choice than many other water coolers that require an external water bottle.

Instead, water is supplied via a filtered mains water connection. This means that the RP series connects directly to your building’s water supply to provide tasty, healthy, filtered water from your mains water supply. The end result is a low-maintenance water cooler that’s ready to serve hot or cold drinking water whenever you need it.

Clean, Healthy, and Tasty Water for Refreshing Cool or Hot Drinks

The RP series is available in two units, which can be enhanced by an optional water filter. Add a water filter to your RP2 or RP3 water cooler to enjoy cleaner, healthier, and tastier water right from your building’s supply. An additional filter makes the RP series the cleanest plumbed in water cooler on the market.

As well as offering clean, filtered water, the RP series does not use a hazardous or flammable material for its refrigeration. All of the RP series water coolers use 40 grams of R134A refrigerant, which is non-flammable and non-toxic. This type of refrigerant is also environmentally friendly and safe to dispose of.

Available in Three Stylish Yet Different Finishes

Choose a stylish titanium water cooler for your office, a simple white water cooler for your public building or hospital, or a beautiful granite water cooler to suit your modern meeting room. The RP series is available in three different finishes to suit any type of environment.

Available in granite, titanium, and white, the RP series water coolers fit seamlessly into any setting. The RP2 model, which is designed for cook and cold operation, is available in the RP2T titanium finish and the RP2G granite finish. The hot and cold RP3 model is also available as a granite or titanium, filtered or non-filtered model.

The 5 Biggest Benefits of an RP Series Water Cooler

Whether you operate a modern office or a stylish sales showroom, adding a water cooler to your workplace improves the morale of your employees, the close rate of your sales team, and the wellbeing of your visitors and customers.

Read on to learn the five biggest benefits of adding an RP series water dispenser – a model considered the best plumbed in water cooler on the market – to your office, public building, or retail store.

Never worry about replacing water bottles

As the best plumbed in water cooler on the market, the Aquacooler RP series never needs to be connected to an external water bottle. This means that you can enjoy a refreshing glass of warm or cool water without having to replace any bottles.

Thanks to its built-in water filter (an optional extra) the RP series allows your whole building to access healthy, refreshing water from your mains supply. Save time that would otherwise be spent replacing water bottles, as well as saving money.

Enjoy hot or cold water, whenever you need it

The RP series has two built-in storage reservoirs – a 1.8 litre cold water tank, and a hot water reservoir capable of delivering over 50 cups of water per hour. The twin tanks make the RP series ideal for office environments where a cup of coffee and a refreshing glass of cold water are the choice of workers.

Benefit from two large-capacity water tanks

Both of the RP series’ water tanks are large enough to serve a normal-sized office. A 1.8 litre cold water tank delivers up to five litres of cold water per hour, while a hot water tank delivered up to 50 cups (of 150ml each) per hour under peak usage.

Three stylish and contemporary designs to choose from

Work in an ultra-modern office complex? Choose a stylish, ultra-modern titanium RP series water cooler. Need something to match your classic building? Opt for a granite water cooler for timeless style. The RP series is available in three different finished to suit any environment, whether it’s cutting-edge or classically minded.

Australian workmanship and a five-year warranty

ll RP series water coolers are designed and built in Australia using a high quality manufacturing process and durable components. They’re also backed up by a five-year warranty, allowing you to enjoy your water cooler without any concerns.