Commercial-Grade Water Coolers

Water coolers for sale at Water Cooler Superstore

Whether you're looking to improve office morale or keep your employees healthy and motivated, commercial water coolers are a great and easy option. Not only do they provide a convenient way for people to stay hydrated, but they help promote healthy habits and provide an area for employees to socialise during the day.

Plumbed-in commercial water coolers are perfect for offices, schools and factories. The Water Works D5 Series water dispensers make it easy to keep your people hydrated throughout the day.

With a stylish modern design that suits any workplace and a connection to your main water supply, these filtered water coolers are ideal and low-maintenance. Available in silver, black or white, our range of water bubblers is also compact and easy to transport, making them an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

The Water Works D5 series has been built in Korea from the ground up and has a comprehensive three-year warranty.

Stylish and practical options for every building

The dispenser has two taps — one that releases chilled water from the cooler’s cold water reservoir and another optional tap that releases hot water from the stainless steel hot water tank. So whether your workers like to start the day with a soothing tea or a chilled glass of water, our water bubblers can keep every employee happy.

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The entire range of Waterworks D5 Series water coolers is covered by Waterworks® 36-month Comprehensive Warranty (copy available on request). The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labour coverage for 36 months from the original sale date. This way, you can rest assured that if you experience any issues or faults with your commercial water cooler within the first three years, you will be covered for maintenance or replacement.

Never worry about replacing water bottles

As the best plumbed-in water cooler on the market, it never needs to be connected to an external water bottle. That way, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of warm or cool water without replacing any bottles.

Thanks to its built-in water filter (an optional extra), the dispenser allows your whole building to access healthy, refreshing water from your main supply. It minimises the risk of bacteria and germs spreading within the building.

Save time that would otherwise be spent replacing water bottles, as well as save money.


How do filtered water coolers work?

Filtered water coolers use a refrigerant to cool the water. This refrigerant is compressed and becomes hot before it is passed through a condenser, which cools it back down. The refrigerant's temperature drops further once it’s passed through an expansion valve.

How often should I change the water filter in a commercial water cooler?

Water filters used in commercial water coolers must be replaced every four to six months. Frequently replacing the water bubbler’s filter prevents any build-up of debris, bacteria and pesticides and keeps the water fresh and sanitised.

How often should commercial water coolers be cleaned?

It’s a good idea to clean and disinfect your commercial water cooler each time you replace the water bottle to prevent any germs or bacteria from entering the water. However, using a bleach solution, a deep and sanitising clean is recommended every three to six months.

Can mould grow in commercial water coolers?

Yes, if not properly maintained and regularly cleaned, the moist environment can cause mould and mildew in a filtered water cooler. If you notice a mould or mildew build-up in your water cooler or the water has developed an odd taste, you will need to deeply clean the cooler or replace the system altogether.