Water Works Refillable Water Bottle

Water Works Refillable Water Bottle

Water Works
Water Works Refillable Water Bottle

Filter Bottle (F-SFB3)


An economicalfilter option forhomes & offices

Greatly reduces badtaste and odour dueto chemical additives in tap water

Produces up to 8L per hour

Fits all Waterworks bottle topwater coolers and mostindustry standard coolers

No heavy lifting - reduces OH&S risks

Fits most ceramicdispensers• Easily installed


A flexible filtration option for home, office or factory. Just fill with tap water for a continuous supply of fresh filtered water.

ACCESSIBILITY:Waterworks Self-Fill Bottle is the perfect partner for all bottled water coolers or ceramic dispensers.

MEDIA:3 Stage filtrations ResinActivated carbonCeramic discFilters are certified for 4000 litres,which equates to approximately 6 months use.Filter cartridges should be replaced 6 monthly

APPLICATION: Water filter cartridge (For use with potable water only)Greatly reduces bad taste and odour in town supply water.Operating temperature 5C – 38C