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Water Works SD19C Water Cooler | Free Filter Included | 3 Year Warranty

Water Works
SD19C Cold Bench Top Water Cooler | Black

Factory Super Special - 3 Year Warranty

FREE Filter Kit                                  Value $189.00

FREE  Australia Wide Shipping      Value  $115.00

                             Total Free Bonus Value  $304.00

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Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler - the perfect addition to any home or office. This innovative system provides an endless supply of refreshing water at the perfect temperature, without the need for bulky bottles. Plus, it connects directly to your water source, accommodating a range of water purification devices for even cleaner drinking water.

Features and benefits of the Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler include:

  • Provides both Cold (Chilled) and Cool (Ambient) Temperature Water
  • Lead Free - Watermark Certified Unit - Food Grade
  • Compact Benchtop Model - Ideal for Renters and Offices
  • Accommodates Many Water Filters/Purifiers, Including FSA Systems
  • 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty

Installation is a breeze, as the Waterworks SD19C connects directly to your water supply, eliminating the need for drainage. The state-of-the-art carbon Inline Filter ensures that freshly filtered water is stored in a sealed stainless steel tank, keeping it free from contaminants.

The Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler is also available in both floorstanding and benchtop models, giving you even more flexibility in your choices.

Additional features of the Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler include:

  • High gloss cabinet with a classy design that will complement any decor
  • Soft closing, easy to operate faucets
  • Durable, easy-to-clean drip tray
  • Hygienic stainless steel 2.5L chilling tank with contaminant seal
  • Adjustable thermostat for easy temperature control
  • Hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector and R134A refrigerant type

The Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler is available in black/silver or white/silver, with a net weight of 13kg and dimensions of 272mm (W) x 420mm (D) x 438mm (H). With the Waterworks SD19C Benchtop Watercooler, you can enjoy refreshing, clean water at the perfect temperature any time of day.


With its high gloss front, brushed steel sides and stylish
slim design, the D19 series cooler is perfect for any
home or office.


COLD TANK: 3.3 litre type 304 stainless steel for
superior chilling. The highly polished surface is easy to
clean and maintain.

CABINET: Black high gloss front with brushed steel silver
sides. The top and front panels are moulded ABS plastic,
the side panels are high polymer coated steel.


TAPS: NSF approved and hygienic durable polypropylene
push taps with self-closing design and fast flow. Hot
safety tap comes as standard on hot/cold model.


FLOAT ASSEMBLY: Dual float system maintains the water
level and shuts off when full.


Feature Description
Model D19 series
Design White high gloss front with brushed steel silver sides cabinet, molded ABS plastic top and front panels, and high polymer coated steel side panels
Cold tank Superior chilling 304 stainless steel with highly polished surface
Hot tank 1.8 liter 304 stainless steel with 500 watt sheathed heater for temperature control
On/off switch Easily accessible switch for hot tank located at back of unit
Taps NSF approved, hygienic, durable polypropylene push taps with self-closing design and fast flow, hot safety tap comes standard
Dual float system Maintains water level and shuts off when full
Optional extras Waterworks PNP filter range (single, twin, or triple), Waterworks cup dispensers in black or white, Waterworks paper and plastic cups
Installation Must comply with local plumbing laws, certified Pressure Limiting Valve required to maintain warranty
Refrigeration gas R134A with no moving parts, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector
Electrical certificate 220v 50hz single phase, 1.5-meter power cord supplied, full load current 1.2 amps
Performance Tap 1 approximately 4-10°C, tap 2 room temperature, hot tap approximately 84-89°C; produces 22, 17, and 13 cups per hour at room temperatures of 21°C, 27°C, and 32°C, respectively, with 150ml cups; produces 3.2, 2.6, and 2 liters per hour at 10°C
Weight D19C model 17kg, D19CH model 19kg, SD19C model 16kg, SD19CH model 18kg
Dimensions D19C and SD19C 29cm (width) x 34cm (depth) x 100cm (height), D19CH and SD19CH 29cm (width) x 51cm (depth) x 53cm (height)
Warranty 36-month comprehensive warranty covering parts and labor from the date of original sale