Black Plumbed In HOT & COLD Water Cooler | D25CH | Waterworks

Black Plumbed In HOT & COLD Water Cooler | D25CH | Waterworks

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D25CH Hot & Cold With Free Filter Kit

Factory Super Special - 3 Year Warranty

FREE Filter Kit                                  Value $189.00

FREE Shipping                                 Value  $115.00 (Cities & Major Regional Areas Only) 

                             Total Free Bonus Value  $304.00


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Introducing our latest addition to the range of Point-of-Use (POU) water coolers, the D25CH Hot & Cold Water Cooler. Its sleek satin finish adds an elegant touch to any home or office.

Equipped with an 11-litre high-density polypropylene tank, the D25 Series ensures durability, rust-resistance, and ease of cleaning due to its large radius.

The cabinet of the D25 Series comes in a sleek satin black, featuring top and front panels made of moulded UV-treated ABS and zinc-coated steel side panels.

For easy and hygienic dispensing, the D25 Series features NSF-approved polypropylene push taps that are self-closing and fast-flowing, with a hot safety tap available in hot/cold models.

To maintain water levels and prevent overflow, the D25 Series is equipped with a dual float system.

Optional extras include the Waterworks™ PNP filter system available in single, twin, or triple units, and black or white cup dispensers that match either color unit.

Installation of the D25 Series must comply with local plumbing laws, and failure to install a certified pressure limiting valve will void the warranty.

The refrigeration system of the D25 Series uses gas R134A and features a hermetically sealed compressor with an automatic overload protector and no need for lubricant. Electrical certification with number 160793 is 220V 50Hz single phase power, and a 1.5-meter power cord is included.

Performance specifications of the D25 Series include approximate temperatures of 4-10°C for Tap 1, room temperature for Tap 2, and 84-89°C for the hot tap. The D25 Series can deliver 35, 28, and 16 litres per hour at 10°C for room temperatures of 21, 27, and 32°C respectively, and 15 x 170ml cups per hour for intermittent use of hot water.

The D25 Series has a shipping weight of 23kg for D25CH, with dimensions of 33cm width, 39cm depth, and 115cm height.

Finally, the Waterworks™ D25 Series comes with a 36-month comprehensive warranty that covers parts and labour from the date of original sale (copy available upon request).


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REFRIGERATION: Gas R134A. The refrigerant flow is
controlled by a capillary tube which has no moving
parts. The compressor is hermetically sealed with an
automatic overload protector. Lubricant is not needed.

ELECTRICAL: Certificate number 160793. 220v 50hz
single phase. A 1.5 metre power cord is supplied. Full
load current is 1.2 amps.

CONDENSER: Quietly operating, air cooled with no
moving parts.

Tap 1 Approx. 4-10°C
Tap 2 Room Temperature
Hot tap Approx. 84-89°C