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Filtered Water Dispenser| D5CH | Hot and Cold

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Waterworks™ has been a leader in point-of-use water coolers for over 20 years, starting with the D5 series. While many have tried to copy it, none have matched the quality and longevity of the Waterworks™ D5.

The D5 series features a 14.3-liter high-density polypropylene cold tank that is tough, rustproof, and easy to clean. The hot tank is a 1.8-liter type 304 stainless steel tank with a 500-watt sheathed heater for temperature control, and an easily accessible on/off switch at the back of the unit.

The cabinet of the D5 series comes in a gloss cloud white color and is made with moulded UV-treated ABS top and front panels, and zinc-coated steel sheets with polymer polyester resin on the side panels. The taps are NSF approved, with durable polypropylene lever type taps featuring self-closing design and fast flow. The hot/cold model includes a hot safety tap as standard, with optional push taps available.

The Waterworks™ PNP filter range is available in single, twin, or triple, with the swing & twist design and automatic water shutoff making filter changes simple and tool-free. The CD2 cup dispenser is perfectly color-matched to suit the B5, B10, D5, and D10 coolers, and Waterworks™ paper and plastic cups are made to fit.

Installation of the D5 series should be done in accordance with local plumbing laws, and failure to install a certified pressure limiting valve will void the warranty. The refrigeration system uses gas R134A, with the refrigerant flow controlled by a capillary tube with no moving parts. The compressor is hermetically sealed with an automatic overload protector, and lubricant is not needed. The electrical system is 220v 50hz single phase with a 1.5-meter power cord supplied, and full load current is 1.2 amps. The condenser operates quietly, is air-cooled with no moving parts, and has the following tap performance:

  • Tap 1: Approx. 4 - 10°C
  • Tap 2: Room temperature
  • Hot tap: Approx. 84 - 89°C

The D5 series has a capacity of 150ml cups/hr at room temperature and the following liters/hr at different temperatures:

  • 21°C: 44 cups/hr, 6.6 liters/hr
  • 27°C: 32 cups/hr, 4.8 liters/hr
  • 32°C: 18 cups/hr, 2.7 liters/hr

The D5 series is covered by a comprehensive 36-month warranty that provides parts and labor coverage from the date of original sale. A copy of the warranty is available upon request.

This unit is Hot & Cold.

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Top and front panels are moulded of UV treated ABS and side panels are zinc coated steel sheets covered in electrostatically applied high polymer polyester resin.


High gloss cloud white available as standard.


Concealed lift-out design of a high impact durable plastic. Removable for sanitation, it incorporates an anti-splash grid which diverts drain water into the drip tray.


High impact polypropylene lever type. Fast flow and easy to operate. They’re assembled directly onto the reservoir and are fully recessed for added protection. Taps are 177mm above the drain grid allowing ample room for filling kettles and other tall objects. Hot tap has safety influence.


One piece heat resistant plastic. This rust-proof top provides a flat surface to hold small coffee servers and trays.


Waterworks unique design. This exclusive device illuminates a red green signal indicating the Power/Hot/Cold position of the dispenser.


Constructed of polypropylene plastic, approximately 12 litres in capacity. The reservoir features large radius corners to facilitate cleaning. The integrated zoned waterway and baffle system prevents ice rings from restricting chilled water flow. Cold water capacity below the baffle is 4.2 litres. Water above the baffle stays at or about room temperature.


Located on the float assembly for easy access. The air filter contains a replaceable filter disc with a one micron membrane media.


One stage polyethylene float valve system incorporates a primary float valve which maintains the water level in the reservoir and shuts off when full. The system is designed to operate on an incoming water pressure range of 140-700kPa and a pressure limiting valve should be fitted in situations where the mains pressure may fluctuate to greater than 700kpa.


Ozone friendly HFC-134a refrigerant. Flow is controlled by capillary tube which has no moving parts. Condenser is air cooled static type for silent running. No fan assembly is required. Compressor is hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated and protected against motor overload.


240 Volts 50Hz single phase. A 1.5 metre house cable and 3 pin plug is supplied. Full load current is 1.5 amps.


D5C : 0.25kwh/day & 7.5kwh/month D5CH : 1.6kwh/day 48 kwh/month


Tap 1 Outlet water 9DC approx Tap 2 Outlet water 18DC approx Hot Tap Outlet water 88DC approx


D5C: 20kg D5CH: 22kg


SD5C: 15kgs SD5CH: 17kg

D5C/D5CH: 310mmW x 310mmD x 1040mmH SD5C/SD5CH: 310mmW x 310mmD x 630mmH


The entire range of Waterworks D5 Series water coolers
are covered by a 36 Month Comprehensive Warranty (copy available on request). The warranty provides comprehensive parts and labour coverage, for the period of 12 months from the date of original sale.